Artist's Statement

I confess that I did not start down this road because I harboured the lifelong dream of being an artist. Instead, I am becoming an artist because, to my own surprise, I have discovered that this is part of who I am.

I have been and am many other things in my life: daughter, sister, mother, wife, cousin, friend; tomboy, explorer, climber of trees; student, worker, quiet rebel…I have always loved the challenge and rewards of exploring new territory.

Growing up, I had the good fortune to be surrounded by paintings and sculptures, and to go to galleries, museums and exhibits with my parents. I doubt that I could enumerate all the artists and paintings and sculptures that have engaged my mind and touched my heart through the years.

If there ever was an indication that I would be an artist, it is that everything creates vivid pictures in my mind: songs, books, news items, something said, something not said, a glimpse of nature, a glimpse of human nature.

My goal is to create images which draw the eyes and engage the mind and heart.

- Margaret Mair