Margaret Mair was born Margaret Cumper in Kingston Jamaica, and enjoyed a rich and happy childhood and youth there. She was surrounded by life, colour and warmth, and enjoyed the privilege of being exposed to art, music and dance without realizing that it was actually happening.

She took with her to Canada a love of rich and vibrant colour, a zest for exploring new experiences and the persistent habit of doodling, not always at appropriate times or places. Art, however, did not find her until there was a pause in the busyness of her life and she looked for an absorbing and challenging occupation which could fill her time.

Drawing became that occupation, and quickly on the heels of beginning came the realization that in the several years since she had last had time to draw she had made no progress at all. Her training began with books. More formal training involved lessons with Isabel van Zant and D.D. Gadjanski; less formal learning took place at demos; and much was learned from looking at other artists' work and talking to fellow explorers. Encouragement was provided by various kind souls, in galleries and among friends.

Now she works most often in acrylic, enjoying the vibrancy of the colours and the challenge of working with the paints to create for others images from her own world and thoughts. Certain themes tend to recur - the dancing body, bodies integrated into landscape, a tendency to comment on the world around her, figures more and less abstract. And with so much more of art and the world to learn and explore, who knows where this artist's explorations will end?


"It is not what we see,
but how we see it..."